Stoned – Alessandro Calizza art exhibition

6 aprile 2019; ContestaRockHair New York

ContestaRockHair® New York presents Another Place, New Mental Landscapes – Project #02
Sat, 6th April from 6:00 pm Come and join us for a new night of Art, Jacopo Olmo & Vincent Dj set … and drinks!

Stoned: Busted
Stoned: inebriated
We are living in a system that hides its true intentions behind mermaid songs and fascinating colors. We sacrifice our lives to new false gods every day without even realizing it. We think that our reality is solid and immutable and therefore inevitable to accept. We do not see that instead it exists exclusively self-projected on itself. Mental landscapes with fragile bases that could be destroyed with a breath if we only understood that we are the ones who allow all this. We pay the consequences of a system that wants us more and more subservient and passive; while laughing and eating pop corns is watching us wear our chains and kiss with gratefulness the punch that hits our face. Its real intentions are hidden behind bewitching advertisements and promises. It’s up to us to get out of this state of numbness and return to having a critical and conscious look at the reality that surrounds us. It’s up to us to have the right (and the responsibility) to determine the meaning we would like it to have.

Born in 1983, Alessandro Calizza lives and works in Rome.
His works have been exhibited in many Italian cities and abroad and in recent years various newspapers and television have talked about his work, including for example TG2 Insieme, Repubblica,, Trovaroma di Repubblica, Il Messaggero, Telegramme, Le petit Bleu, Insideart, Artribune, Eos Arte, ArtaPartofCulture, Urban Mirrors, Organiconcrete, Artnoise, Art HUB, La Nouvelle Vogue, Daily Storm.
For a long time his thoughts were pushed to the imaginary world that inhabits his mind, but that comes to life from the reality inevitably experienced every day, reflecting this reality in new shapes with the margins apparently undefined.

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